Debt Collectors Registered in Iowa

Iowa and federal fair debt collection laws prohibit many abusive, harassing, fraudulent or deceptive practices by debt collectors or debt collection agencies. Ironically, the most abusive debt collectors do not or cannot legally file lawsuits because they are not registered to collect debt in Iowa. Furthermore, collection agencies frequently are collecting debt you have defenses to, such as:

  • You do not owe the debt
  • The debt collector is attempting to collect excessive amounts
  • The old debt is time barred by the statute of limitations (to old to be collectible).

Click HERE to learn more about your rights, or if you would like to discuss your situation with an attorney please click HERE.

1st Choice Mortgage, Inc.
1st National Recovery Solutions, L.L.C.
 1st Nationwide Collection Agency, Inc,
21st Mortgage Corp. A-1 Associates, Ltd
A.R.C. Accounts Recovery (U.S.A.) Corporation LLC
AAA Collections, Inc.
AAA Recovery Systems, Inc. MG, L.L.C.
AAMCO Transmissions
Aargon Collection Agency
ACA Receivables Company, LLC
Academy Collection Service, Inc.
Account Control Technology, Inc.
Account Liquidation Services
Account Portfolio Management, LLC
Account Recovery Service, Inc
Account Recovery Specialists, Inc
Account Services Collections, Inc. dba Account Services
Accounts Receivable Control, Inc.
Accounts Receivable Management, Inc.
Ace Fogdall, Inc.
Ace Mortgage Funding Incorporated
ACS State & Local Solutions, Inc. dba LDC Collection System
Action Professional Services
Active Credit Services, Inc.
Admerex Inc.
ADS Account Services, Inc.
Advanced Call Center Technologies, LLC
Advanced Financial Solutions, Inc.
AGCO Finance LLC
Argent Healthcare Financial Services, Inc,
Agricredit Acceptance LLC AIG Domestic Claims, Inc
AIH Receivable Management Services
AIS Services, LLC
Alan Gray Insurance Services, Inc.
ALC Leasing Ltd.
All Iowa Products, LLC
All Used Cars LLC
Allegro Acceptance
Alliance Asset Management, Inc.
Alliance Recovery Management, Inc.
Alliance Ltd
AllianceOne Receivable Management, Inc,
Alliant Credit Union
Allied Business Accounts, Inc.
Allied International Credit Corp.
Allied Interstate, Inc.
Allied National, Inc,Allsectech, inc
Alta Furniture Mart ALW Sourcing, LLC
American Accounts Management, Inc,
American Collection Systems
American Collection Systems, Inc.
American Coradius International LLC
American Credit Bureau, Inc
American Honda Finance Corporation
American Honda Receivable Corp. II
American Honda Receivables Corp.
American Recovery Service, Inc.
American Suzuki Financial Services Company, LLC
AmeriCredit Financial Services, Inc.
Amerifirst Home Improvement Finance Co
AmSher Collection Services, Inc.
Anderson, Crenshaw & Associates, LLC
Anderson-Weber, Inc
APM Financial Solutions, LLC
Aqua Finance, Inc,
Aqua Financial Funding, LLC
Argyle Solutions, Inc
Armor Systems Corporation
Arrow Financial Services, LLC
ARS National Services, Inc.     
ARS Recovery Services, LLC
Ascension Recovery Management, LLC
Asher Motor Company, Inc
Asset Acceptance LLC
Asset Management
Outsourcing Recoveries, Inc. formally Nationwide Recovery
Asset Management Professionals, LLC
AssetCare, Inc.
Associated Collectors, Inc.
Associated Credit Services, Inc.
Associated Creditors Exchange, inc.
Astra Business Services Private Limited
Atlantic Credit & Finance, Inc
Atlas Recovery Management LLC
Aurora Gold & Associates, LLC
Auto Source, LLC
Autobanc of Lisbon Inc.
Automated Accounts Management Services, LLC
Automotive Financial Solutions, L.L.C.
Avelo Mortgage, L.L.C.
Avelo Mortgage, L.L.C.
Barclays Bank PLC
Barclays Capital Real Estate Inc,
Bay Area Credit Service, LLC
Bay Finance Company, LLC
Bay View Acceptance Corporation
BayRock Mortgage Corporation
Bayview First Funding, LLC
Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC BC Services, Inc
Beacon Services, LLC
Bear Stearns Residential Mortgage Corporation
Beecher, Inc.
Benchmark Recovery Group, LLC
Berlin-Wheeler, Inc.
Best Auto, Inc
The Best Service Co., Inc Betts Auto Campus
Biehl & Biehl
Big Deal Auto
Bilateral Credit Corp, LLC
Bill Lyons Car Co. dba Lyons Toyota Dodge
Bill's Water Conditioning, inc.
Birdnow Chevrolet Monona, Inc,
Bloomfield Ford, Inc.
BMW Bank of North America BMW Financial Services NA, LLC.
BMW of Des Moines
Bob Boland Ford, Inc.
Bonded Collection Corporation
Bonded Credit Bureau Inc
Booth & Associates, P.C.
Bose Corporation
Boyan Investigations & Process Service
Brad Deery Motors Inc
Bristol Window and Siding of Iowa, Inc.
Bronson & Migliaccio, LLP
Brookings Credit Bureau & Collection Agency Inc.
Brown and Joseph, Ltd
Brown's Sales & Leasing
Budget Auto Sales
Buhr Chevrolet-Buick
Bureau of Collection Recovery Bureau of Recovery LLC
The Bureaus, Inc.
Business Collection Agency,Inc.
Business Management Systems, Inc.
Business Revenue Systems, Inc.
Butler, Robbins & White, LLC
BYL Collection Services, LLC
C & S Car Company
C & S Car Company
CB. Accounts, Inc.
CAC Financial Corp
Caine & Weiner Company, Inc.
California Recovery Bureau, Inc.
Capital Management Services, LP
Capital One Auto Finance, inc.
Capital Recovery Service, LLC
CAR Financial Services, Inc.       
The Car Store
Card Management Corporation
CardWorks Servicing, LLC
Carmel Financial Corporation, Inc.
Carrington Mortgage Services, LW
Carroll Car Credit Company
Carroll Ford Lincoln Mercury, Inc.
Cavalry Investments, LLC
Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC
Cavalry SPV I, LLC
Cavalry SPV II, LLC
The CBE Group SW, Inc.
CBE Group (The)
CCB Credit Services, Inc.
CenterOne Debt Management Services LLC
CenterOne Financial Services LLC
Central Credit Services
Centrix Funds LLC
Certegy Payment Recovery Services, Inc. previously Equifax Payment Recovery Services, Inc.
Charles Gabus Ford
Charles Gabus Motors, Inc
Charlie Zook Motors
Chase Receivables
Check Plus Systems, Inc.
Check Recovery Solutions inc.
Chex Systems, Inc.
Chezik Sayers Iowa Inc.
 Christiansen Motors, Inc.
 CIT Financial USA, Inc.
 The CIT Group
 Citizens Bank
CKS Investments, Inc., dba Instachek
Clark County Collection Service, LLC
ClearCheck Payment Solutions, LLC
Clemons Inc
Clemons Inc of Newton
Clemons Used Car Company
Client Services, Inc.
Clovis & Roche, Inc.
CNAC - Davenport Coleman Motors Ptr
Collectcorp Corporation
Collectech Systems
Collection Bureau of America LTD
Collection Bureau of the Hudson Valley, Inc.
Collection Information Bureau, Inc.
Collection Service Bureau, Inc
Collection Specialists International, Inc.
Collection Technology, Inc. Collecto, Inc.
Collins Financial Services, Inc.
Collins Financial Services, Inc.
Column Recovery Group, LLC
Combined Pool & Spa
Commercial Auditors Corporation
Commercial Recovery Systems, Inc.
Commonwealth Financial Systems, Inc.
Community Home Financial Services, Inc.
Complete Collection Service of South Florida, Inc.
Concord Servicing Corporation
Condon Auto Sales & Service Inc.
Constar Financial Services, LLC
Consumer Adjustment Co, Inc.
Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc. (Assignees)
Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc. (Debt collector)
Consumer Solutions NPL NF, LLC
Consumer Solutions, LLC
Continental Service Group, Inc.
Continental Servicing Company, LLC
Coonradt Ford Inc
Corporate Collection Service, Inc. dba Coastal Recovery Services
Corporate Receivables, Inc.
Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP
Countrywide Home Loans, Inc.
Craig Griffith Ford, Inc. Creative Entertainment
Credigy Receivables Inc.
Credigy Services CorpCredit Bureau Collection Services, Inc.
Credit Bureau of North America, LLC
Credit Bureau Services of Iowa, Inc.
Credit Bureau Systems, Inc.
Credit Connection, L.L.C.
Credit Control Services, Inc.
Credit Control, LLC
Credit Data Resources, Inc.
Credit International Corporation
Credit Management Control
Credit Management LP
Credit Management Services
Credit Management Services, Inc.
Credit Management Systems, Inc
Credit Suisse First Boston Mortgage Capital LLC
Credit World Services, Inc.
CreditMax LLC
CreditMax Recoveries, LLC
Creditor Recovery Corporation
Creditors Financial Group, LLC
Creditors Interchange Receivable Management, LLC
Creditwatch Services Ltd
Crescent Mortgage Company
Crescent Recovery, LLC
Crossroads Auto Sales
CRV, Inc.
CSG Recovery, Inc.
CTX Mortgage Company, LLC
CU Recovery, Inc.
Cyclone Car Credit LLC
o & D Hummer, Inc
o & J Venture, L.L.C.
D. Michael Dendy, APLC
Dahl Ford Davenport, Inc.
Dahms Chevrolet, Inc
DaimlerChrysler Financial Services Americas LLC
DaimlerChrysler Financial Services LLC
Dallas County Chrysler, Inc.
Dan Deery Motor Co
Dan Deery Motor Co. of Waterloo, Inc
Daniel N. Gordon, PC
Daniels & Noretti, P.C.
David E. Chyme, Consultant
DCFS Trust
DCM Services, LLC
DCS Enterprises, Inc.
DeAnda Auto Sales, Inc.
Debt Recovery Management, LLC
Debt Recovery Solutions, LLC
Decorah Auto Center
Decorah Chevrolet, Cadillac Inc.
Dell Financial Services L.P.
Delta Management Associates Inc.
Denovus Corporation, Ltd. Des Moines Chrysler
Des Moines Mitsubishi
Deter Motor Company
Detex Agency & Associates, LLC
DeVore Chevrolet, Inc.
DFS Acceptance (CIT Financial USA, Inc.)
Diamond Wholesale Auto
Diversified Adjustment Service, Inc. dba D.A.S.I.
Diversified Collection Services Inc.
Diversified Consultants, Inc.
Divine and Service Limited Partnership
DU Mortgage Capital, Inc.
DMK & Associates, LLC
Dodeka, L.L.C.
Domino Motors, inc.
Don's Chevrolet & Olds, Inc.
Dreusicke Holdings Inc.
Duea Motor Company
Dunstone Financial, L.L.C. ES. Group, LLC
Eagle Credit Resources LLC
Eagle Home Mortgage, LLC
East Coast Capital Corp.
Eastern Iowa Creditors, Inc.
Ebert Chrysler Village, Inc
eCAST Settlement Corporation (Assignee)
ECC Capital Corporation eCon Credit, L.P.
Ed Garners Autorama RV Center
Edecen Financial Services, LLC
Edecen Financial Services, LLC
Einspahr Furniture
Electronic Clearing House, Inc./Xpresschex
Elite Recovery Services, Inc.
Eltman, Eltman & Cooper, P.C.
Eltman, Eltman & Cooper, P.C.
EMCC, Inc.
Encore Receivable Management, Inc.
Enhanced Recovery Corporation
Enterprise Recovery Systems, Inc.
Epicenter Technologies Private Limited
Equinox Financial Management Solutions, Inc
ER Solutions, Inc.
Erica L. Brachfeld, PC
Erickson Supply & Construction Company, Inc.
Ervin Motor Co
Escallate, LLC
Estate Information Services, LLC
Estate Recoveries, Inc.
Evans Furniture & Floor Covering, Inc,
Evergreen Professional Recoveries Inc
Executive Trustee Services, LLC (India) Private Limited
Fair Collections & Outsourcing, Inc
Fairway Financial Solutions, Inc.
Fairway Financial Solutions, LLC
FASLO Solutions LLC
FastLane Financial, Inc.
FedChex Recovery, LLC
Federal Bond & Collection Service Inc.
Fidelis Recovery Solutions, Inc. Fidelity Finance Corp.
Fidelity National Credit Services, Ltd.
Financial Adjustment Bureau
Financial Asset Management Systems, Inc.
Financial Assistance Inc.
Financial Corporation of America
Financial Recovery Services, inc.
Fireside Bank
First Credit Services, Inc.
First Financial Asset Management, Inc.
First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation
First integral Recovery, LLC
First Investors Financial Services
First Investors Servicing Corp. First Mutual Bank
First National Collection Bureau, inc.
First Performance Recovery Corp.
First Resolution Management Corporation
First Revenue Assurance, LLC First State Service Bureau, LLC
FirstPoint Collection Resources, Inc.
Firstsource Advantage, LLC
Fitzpatrick Auto Center, Inc.
FJM Collections Inc.
Flagship Credit Corporation
Flagship Funding II, LLC
Flagship Funding, LLC
Flatiron Financial Services Inc.
Fletcher Financial Services
FMA Alliance, Ltd.
FMS Inc.
FMS Investment Corp
Focus Receivables Management, LLC
Ford Motor Credit Company LLC
Forest City Ford-Mercury Sales Co. Inc.
Franklin American Mortgage Company
Franklin Collection Service Inc.
Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, P.C.
Freese Motors Inc
Full Circle Financial Services, LLC
Furniture 4 Less
Fynanz, Inc.
Gabus Automotive, Inc
Galaxy Credit LLC
GC Services (Barbados) SRLGC Services Limited Partnership
GC Teleservices Canada Corp
GE Money Mortgage Holding Company, LLC
General Revenue Corporation
General Service Bureau, Inc.
Genesis Financial Solutions, Inc.
Genpact Services LLC
George White Chevrolet Pontiac, Inc.
GFA, Inc
GFS, Inc. dba Shaffer & Associates
Gila Corporation
Giove Law Office, P.C.
GL Ankeny Ford dba Dewey Ford
GL Dodge City LLC
GL Southtown LLC
Glass Mountain Capital LLC
Global Credit & Collection Corporation
Global Payments Check Recovery Services, Inc. previously CheckRite Recovery Services Inc.
Global Payments Check Services, Inc.
Global Recovery Services India Private Limited
Global Recovery Services, LLC
Global Vantedge Inc previously RCS Centre Corporation
GlobalTech Collection Services, LLC
Globe Acceptance, Inc, 212212008
Goggins & Lavintman, P.A. Gold Key Auto Credit, Inc.
Goldman Sachs Mortgage Company
Goodwin & Bryan, LLP Granger Motors, Inc,
Graypoint Auto Finance Corporation
Green Planet Servicing, LLC
Green Planet Servicing, LLC
GreenPoint Mortgage Funding, Inc.
Greenwich Capital Financial Prod.
Gretter Chevrolet Company dba Gretter Motor Company
Gretter Ford, Inc,
Guaranteed Rate, Inc,
H & N Chevrolet Buick Co. Inc.
H & R Accounts, Inc.
H & S Motors LLC
H.L. McKinley & Sons, Inc.
H.P. and Associates, Inc,
Hand Picked Auto
Harlan Auto Mart, Inc.
Harley-Davidson, Inc. of Mason City
Harris & Dial, L.L.C.
Harris & Harris, Ltd.
Harrison RV, Inc.
Hartwig Motors Inc
Harvest Credit Management VI B, LLC
Harvest Credit Management VII, LLC
Hester Law Office, PA
Hauge Associates
Hawkeye Car Credit, Inc. Hawkeye Harley-Davidson, Inc
Health Care Billing Services, Inc.
Heartland Communications Group, Inc.
Helzberg's Diamond Shops, Inc. #37
Hoak Motors, Inc.
Hoak Motors, Inc.
Hollander Law Offices, LLC
Home Loan Center, Inc.
Home Retention Services, Inc.
HomeComings Financial, LLC
HomeComings Financial, LLC
Hospital Billing & Collection Service, Ltd.
Houston Funding II, LTD
HS Medical Billing Services, Inc.
HSBC Auto Accounts Inc.
HSBC Auto Finance lnc
HSBC Electronic Data Processing (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
Humboldt Motor Sales, Inc
Hummel Brothers, Inc
Hunter Warfield, Inc.
Hyundai Lease Titling Trust

Hyundai Motor Finance Company
I.C. System, Inc.
IDT Carmel, Inc
iGate Global Solutions Limited
Image Recovery Associates, LLC
Immediate Credit Recovery Imperial Credit Systems, Inc.
Industry Marketing Solutions LLC
Infinity Collections, Inc.
Infinity Group Receivables, LLC Infosys BPO Limited
Inspire Auto Finance Company, LLC
Instant Car Credit
Insurex, Inc.
Integral Recoveries, Inc.
Integrated Accounts Services, LLC
Integrated Portfolio Management, Inc.
Intelenet Global Services Private Limited
International Collection Agency, LLC
International Computer Systems, Inc.
International Risk Management Services, LLC
Investigation & Recovery Associates
Investment Lending Associates Inc.
Iowa Auto Outlet, Inc.
Iowa Falls Heating & Air Conditioning
Irwin Union Bank and Trust Company
Island National Group LLC J's Auto Inc
J.A. Cambece Law Office, P.C.
J.C. Christensen & Associates, Inc.
J.J. Mac Intyre Co., Inc.
J.P. Morgan Services India Private Limited
Jacob Law Group PLLC
Javitch, Block & Rathbone
Jefferson Capital Card Services, LLC
Jefferson Capital Systems LLC
Jensvold Motor Company
Jerry's Auto & More
John Grieder Motors, Inc.
John Keady, Inc.
Johnson County Motors, L.C.
Johnson Motor Company
Jolas & Associates, LLP

Junge Lincoln Mercury Inc
KAMA, Inc. dba Guaranteed Ice Machines
KCA Financial Services, Inc.
Keast Chevrolet Oldsmobile Pontiac, Inc
Kemna Auto Center
Kemna Auto of Fort Dodge Ken Wise Buick-Oldsmobile Inc
Ken Wise Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Inc
Knightsbridge Receivables Management, LLC
Krueger Auto & Truck Villa, Inc,
Lake Chevrolet
Lamont, Hanley & Associates, Inc.Laurence A. Hecker, Attorney at Law
Lauterbach Buick-Pontiac
Law Office of Curtis 0 Barnes,
Law Office of Richard Clark, PLLC
Law Office of Sam Streeter, PLLC
Law Office of Vincent P. Cignarale, LLC
Law Offices of Alan M. Laskin
Law Offices of Bennett DeLoney & Noyes, P.0
Law Offices of Donald S. Burak, Esq. LLC
The Law Offices of Gerald E. Moore & Associates, P.C.
Law Offices of Harold E. Scherr, Esq./Collect Southeast LLC
Law Offices of Joseph H. Belzer, P.A.
Law Offices of Mitchell N. Kay, P.C.
Law Offices of Ross Gelfand, LLC
The Law Offices of Sidney Mickel/LBJ Investigations, Inc.
LCS Financial Services Corporation
L.D.G. Financial Services,
LLC Leading Edge Ford, Inc.
Leading Edge Recovery Solutions, L.L.C.
Lend An Ear, LLC
LHR, Inc.
Liberty Acquisitions, LLC
Liberty Acquisitions, LLC
Liberty Credit Services, Inc.
Liberty Credit Services, Inc.
Liberty Motor Cars, LLC
Lichtsinn Motors, Inc.
Lighthouse Recovery Associates, LLC
LIME Financial Services, Ltd
Lineberger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP
Lithia AcDM, Inc.
Lithia HDM, Inc.
Lithia 1DM, Inc.
Lithia NDM, Inc.
Lithia of Cedar Rapids #1, Inc.
Lithia of Cedar Rapids #2, Inc.
 Lithia of Cedar Rapids #3, Inc.
 Lithia VAuDM, Inc.
Lithia VAuDM, Inc. - Used
Litow Law Office, P.C.
Litton Loan Servicing LP
LML Payment Systems Corp
LMS Services, Inc.
LMS Services, Inc.LoanCare Servicing Center, Inc.
Lou Walsh Motors Inc
Lou Walsh Motors, inc.
Loud Financial, LLC
LRK Inc., d/b/a AAMCO Transmissions
LTD Financial Service, L.P.
Luebke Baker and Associates, Inc.
Lutheran Church Extension Fund
M & L Enterprises
M&1 Dealer Finance, Inc.
M&M Pontiac, Buick, GMC, Inc.
M.A.R.S., Inc.
M.R.S. Associates, Inc.
M.R.S. Associates, Inc.
Mac's Chevrolet-Pontiac, Inc, MACB
Macquarie Mortgages USA, Inc
MAD Collection Agency, LLC
Main Street Acquisition Corp
Malcolm S. Gerald & Associates, Inc.
Mann Bracken, LLC
Marine One Acceptance Corp.
Marine One Acceptance Corporation
Marix Servicing LLC
Marix Servicing LLC
Mark Birdnow Inc.
Mattress Superstore Ankeny, LLC
Mattress Superstore Urbandale, LLC
Maury Plaza Motors
Maximum Recovery Systems, Inc.
McCarthy, Burgess & Wolff, Inc.
McCreary, Veselke, Bragg & Allen, P.C.
McCroskey, Inc
McEleney Autoplex, Inc.
McEieney Motors, Inc.
McGrath Automotive Group, Inc.
McGrath Leasing Company
McGrath Motorsports, LLC
McKay Music
McKenna Motors Inc.
McLaughlin Brothers, Inc.
McMullen Ford, inc.
Medical Recovery Specialists, Inc.
Medicredit, Inc.
Mega Leasing Inc. d/b/a Great Western Rentals
Mercantile Adjustment Bureau LLC
Mercedes-Benz of Des Moines
Merchants & Medical Credit Corp.
Merchants Credit Adjusters, Inc.
Merchants Credit Guide Co.
Meridian Financial Services, Inc.
Meridian Management
Solutions, LLC
Merrick Bank Corporation Merrill Lynch Bank USA
Mid America Credit Management, L.L.C.
Mid-Atlantic Finance Co., Inc.
Midamerican Collections
Midland Credit Management, Inc.
Midland Credit Management, Inc.
Midwest Honda Suzuki Kubota
Midwest Quality Water
Mike Finnin Ford, LLC
Mike Finnin Motors Inc.
Miracle Financial, Inc.
MiraMed Revenue Group, LLC
Mirand Response Systems, Inc
Moore & Scribner
Morrison Chevrolet
Mart's Plumbing & Heating
Mart's Water Company
Mortgage Assistance Corporation
Mortgage Assistance Corporation
Mountain States Adjustment
MQC Collection Services, Inc.,Inc.
National Action Financial Sere.
National Asset Management, LLC
National Asset Recovery Services, Inc.
National Asset Recovery, Inc.
National Collection Systems, Inc. dba National Credit Management
National Credit Adjusters, L.L.C.
National Credit Adjusters, L.L.C.
National Credit Audit Corporation
National Credit Systems, Inc.
National Creditors Connection, Inc,
National Enterprise Systems, Inc.
National Financial Group, Inc.
National Financial Systems, Inc.
National Recoveries, Inc,
National Recovery Agency
Nations Recovery Center, Inc.
Nationstar Mortgage, LLC
Nationstar Mortgage, LLC
Nationwide Credit, Inc.
Nationwide Recovery Service, Inc.
Nationwide Recovery Systems Ltd
NCB Management Services, Inc.
NCC Business Services, Inc,
NCO Financial Systems, Inc,
NCS Corp
NCS Inc.
Nebraska Furniture Mart, inc.
Neiman Law Firm
Nelson, Watson & Associates, LLC
Neuheisel Law Firm, P.C.
New Day Financial, Inc.
New Holland Credit Company, LLC
Newman, Comley & Ruth P.C.
Nexcheck, LLC
Niagara Credit Solutions, Inc
Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp.
Nissan-Infiniti LT
Nob, LLC
Noble Ford Lincoln Mercury
Noble Ford Mercury Inc.
Nor-Don Collection Network Inc.
North Linn Ford Inc
North Shore Agency, Inc.
Northeast Iowa Water Conditioning
Northland Credit Control Northland Group, Inc.
Northstar Location Services, LLC vs
Northwest Financial Services
Novellus Capital Funding Inc.
NuComm Credit Services Inc
Nuebel Chevrolet, Inc.
Nuvell Credit Company, LLC
Nuvell Financial Services LLC
Nuvell National Auto Finance LLC
Nuvell National Auto Finance LLC
Ocwen Financial Solutions Private Limited
Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC
Oliphant Financial, LLC

Oliver Adjustment Company, Inc.
Olsen's Car Care Corner dba Olsen's Outdoor Power
Omni Credit Services, Inc.
ONLINE Information Services, Inc. dba ONLINE Collections
Onyx Acceptance
Onyx Investment, L.L.C. Ophrys, Inc.
Optio Solutions LLC
Option One Mortgage Corporation
Origen Financial L.LC.
Origen Servicing, inc.
Sweet Computer Services, Inc.
OSI Collection Services, Inc
OSI Education Services, Inc.
OSI Recovery Solutions, Inc.
Out Tech, Inc.
Owen Auto
Oxford Collection Agency, Inc.
 P. Scott Lowery, P.C.
Palisades Collection, LLC
Paragon Asset Recovery Services inc.
Paragon Way, Inc
Partners Financial Services, Inc.
Pat Clemons Inc
Patient Financing, Inc.
PD Recovery, Inc
Penn Credit Corporation
Penncro Associates, Inc.
Pentagroup Financial, LLC
People First Recoveries, LLC
Perfection Financial LLC
Performance Capital Management, Inc.
Persolve, Inc
Pharia, L.L.C,
PHH Home Loans, LLC
PHH Mortgage Corporation
Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd.
Piano Credit Company, LLC
Pilot Financial Services Company
Pinnacle Financial Grp., Inc.
Pinnacle Recovery, Inc.
Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc.
Platinum Recovery Services LLC
Platinum Recovery Solutions, Inc,
PLT, Inc dba Luethje Auto Safes
POM Recoveries, Inc,
Porsche Capital LLC
Porsche Financial Services, Inc.
Porsche Funding Limited Partnership
Porsche Liquidity LLC
Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC
PRA Receivables Management, LLC
Praxis Financial Solutions, Incorporated
Precision Revenue Strategies, Inc.
Premier Recovery, Inc
Premiere Credit of North America, LLC
Premium Credit
Primary Financial Services, L.L.C.
Prime Financial Credit Union
Prince-Parker & Associates, Inc.
Pritchard Auto Company Pritchard's of Clear Lake, Inc,
Prodovis Mortgage, LLC
Professional Account Management, LLC
Professional Account Services, Inc.
Professional Bureau of Collections of Maryland, Inc.
Professional Credit Service
Professional Finance Company, Inc,
Professional Recovery Consultants, Inc.
Professional Recovery Services, Inc.
Professional Recovery Systems, LLC
Professional Systems of Mankato
Progressive Financial Services, Inc.
Progressive Management Systems
Puppchen, Inc.
Purpose Funding Solutions, LLC

Quad Corp dba Discount Collection Services
Quicken Loans Inc.
Quimballton Enterprises, LLC
R.K. Belt & Sons, Inc,
Rainbow Car Wash Inc.
Ramsey Pontiac Corp
Randy Kuehl Honda
Rannefeld & Associates
RAS Group, Inc
Rasmussen's Ford Mercury
Ray, Wood & Bonilla L.L.P.
Real Time Resolutions, Inc.
The Receivable Management Services Corporation
Receivables Performance Management LLC
Recovery Partners, LLC Recovery Resources, Inc.
Recovery Services International, Inc.
Red Oak Chrysler, Inc,
Redline Recovery Services, LLC
Regional Acceptance Corporation
Regional Adjustment Bureau, Inc.
Regions Bank dba Regions Mortgage
Reliance Finance Company LLC
ReMark Funding Co., LLC Remex, Inc.
RentDebt Automated Collections, LLC
Residential Credit Solutions, Inc,
Residential Funding Company, LLC
Resurgent Capital Services, L. P.
Retail Recovery Service of NJ, Inc.
Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc.
Revenue Recovery Solutions, LC
Reynoldson, Van Werden,
Reynoldson & Jeanes, LLP
RGS Financial, Inc
Richard J. Boudreau & Associates, LLC
Rickenbacker Group, Inc
Riddle & Associates, P.C.
Riley's Auto Sales Company
River Collection & Recovery Service, Inc.
RJM Acquisitions LLC
Robinson, Reagan & Young, PLLC
Rochester Credit Center, Inc
ROI Services, Inc.
Ron Willey Ford Inc.
RTB Enterprises, Inc,
S. Joseph's & Sons, inc.
Santander Consumer USA Inc. d/b/a Santander Auto Finance
SARMA Collections, Inc
Scheer, Green and Burke, Co. L.P.A.
Sears Home Improvement Products
Security Auto Loans Inc
Security Check, LLC
Seders Motor Co., Inc.
Select Funding, Inc
Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc
Semperian LLC
Senex Partners, LLC
Senex Services Corp.
Service Finance Company, LLC
Service Finance Company, LLC
Sheffield Financial LLC
SIMM Associates, Inc.
Sinclair Oil Corporation
SIRVA Mortgage, Inc.
SITEL Customer Care, Inc. dba NAFS of Canada
Sixth Gear Solutions Corp.
Skarlis Brothers Motors, Inc.
Small Claims, Unlimited
Smitty's Auto Parts Inc.
SN Servicing Corporation formally Security National Servicing Corp.
Solace Financial, LLC
Solomon and Solomon, P.C.
Sorensen Auto Sales Plaza
Southwest Credit Systems, L.P.
Specialized Loan Servicing LLC
Spoerl Chevrolet Company
SRA Associates, Inc.
State Collection Service, Inc.
States Recovery Systems, Inc.
Stawiarski & Associates, P.C.
STC Solutions, Inc.

Sterling Inc.
Stewart & Associates, P.C.
Stivers Midtown Lincoln & Mercury Inc.
Stoneleigh Recovery Associates LLC
Strategic Recovery Systems, Inc,
Strieter Motor Company Styx Capital, LLC
SunTrust Bank
SunTrust Mortgage, Inc
Superior Asset Management, Inc.
Syndicated Office Systems, Inc.
Synergetic Communication, inc.
Synter Resource Group, LLC
Tabula Rasa International LTD
Takhar Collection Services Ltd
Tate & Kirlin, Associates
Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp
Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp
TCA, Inc. dba The Collection Agency
TDL Services, Inc.
Tek-Collect Incorporated
Terry Thomas Auto Center Terwin Advisors LLC
Textron Business Services, Inc
Textron Business Services, Inc. formally TBS Business
Services, Inc.
Thomas George Associates, Ltd
Thomas K. Bamford, Attorney at Law
Thomas, Thomas, Wichterman & Associates, LLC
Thor Credit Corporation "TCC" Tiburon Financial L.L.0
Tidewater Finance Co. dbt Tidewater Credit Services
Time Investment Company inc.
Tires, Tires, Tires, Inc,
Titan Management Services, LLC
Title 11 Funding of California, Inc.
Tolteca Enterprises, Inc
Torkelson Motors Inc.
Torkelson's of Waukon
Total Card, Inc
Total Credit Recovery USA Group Inc.
Total Water Treatment Systems, Inc.
Toyota Motor Credit Corporation
Toyota of Muscatine
Trac-A-Chec, Inc
Trackers, Inc.
Transcontinental Lending Group, Inc.
Trauner, Cohen & Thomas, L.L.P
Tri-State Adjustments Freeport, Inc.
Tri-State Adjustments, Inc.
Triad Financial Corporation
Triad Financial Services, Inc.
Tritium Card Services
Troy Waller Auto Body
TRS Recovery Services, Inc.
TruCap, LLC
True North AR, LLC
TSYS Total Debt Management, Inc.
UBS Real Estate Investments Inc,
UBS Real Estate Securities inc.
Ulrich Motor Company UltraWave
Union Acceptance Company LLC
Unique Management Services, Inc.
United Acceptance, Inc,
United Auto Credit Corporation
United Collection Bureau, Inc.
United Consumer Financial Services Company
United MoneyCorp, Inc.
United Portfolio Management
United Recovery Systems, LP
Universal Data Services, LLC
Used Car Connection
Utility Cost Specialists, Inc. dba eTech Transaction
Solutions, Inc.
Valentine & Kebartas, Inc.
Van Ru Credit Corporation
Van Ru International, Inc
Vander Berg Furniture Inc.

Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance, Inc.
Vannoy Chevrolet Co. Inc.
Vantage Sourcing, LLC
Vaughn Chevrolet Inc
Vehicle Acceptance Corporation
Vehicle Acceptance Corporation
Velocity Investments, L.L.C.
Velocity Investments, L.L.C.
Veracity Financial Group, LLC
Vern Laures Auto Center, Inc.
Victory Ford Inc
Viking Collection Service Southwest, Inc.
Viking Collection Service, Inc.
Vision Financial Corp.
Vital Recovery Services, Inc.
Vollmer Motors
Von Maur, Inc.
VT Inc., as Trustee of World Omni LT
VW Credit, Inc.
Wagler Motor Company, Inc.
Waterhouse Water Systems
Wafters Autoland, Inc.
Waukon Yamaha Inc.
Wayne Meyer Electric, Inc.
Weinstein, Treiger & Riley, P.S.
Wells Fargo Auto Finance, inc.
Wells Fargo Financial Nebraska, Inc./Jensen Tire
Wells Fargo Financial Retail Credit, inc.
Wells Fargo Financial South Dakota, Inc.
Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.A.
Wendover Financial Services Corporation
Wes Finch Auto Plaza
West Asset Management, inc.
West Side Auto Safes
Whitetail Finance Company
Wiele Chevrolet, Inc,
Willey, Inc.
Williams & Fudge, inc.
Wilshire Credit Corporation
Wilson Auto Group Inc
Windham Professionals, Inc.
Window Professionals, inc.
Wolpoff & Abramson, L.L.P.
World of Wheels, Inc.
World Omni Financial Corp(Legal Dpt) (Debt Collectors)
World Omni Financial Corp(Legal Dpt) (Assignees)
Worldzen Collection and Recovery LLC
Wright County Motors Inc
Wright, Scott & Associates, LLC
WYSE Financial Services, Inc.
Xactl Resources, Inc.
Zeman Motors
Zenith Acquisition Corp
Zenta Private Limited
Zwicker & Associates, P.C.


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